5 Benefits of Luxury New Build Homes

When you’ve got a vision for your dream home, one question often persists. Should you buy a home and customize it, or should you start from scratch with a new or spec build? There are undeniably pros and cons to both concepts. But let’s talk about the benefits of luxury new build homes. Here are five we think seem like major pros.

New Build Homes Benefit: Having It Your Way

This is the obvious one, but it is something to consider seriously. When you purchase an existing home, you can always renovate. But depending on how challenging your desires are to execute, it could cost you way more than building from scratch. Yes, really! It might not seem that way, but there is work involved in tearing down just the same as building up, so sometimes, it can be double the trouble.

If you have a very unique vision for your environment, luxury new build homes will likely offer you much greater flexibility. Even if you select a spec home, you can usually choose finishes, light fixtures, and more, just as we invite owners to do with our Design Center here at Upper East River.

Get Creative With Luxury New Build Homes

Loft living

This goes hand in hand with the previous point, but it is kind of a benefit of luxury new build homes in its own right. If you decide to build your home completely from scratch, you can do practically anything your mind can dream up. A painting studio atop a gorgeous carriage house, a koi pond running through the center of the home, a reading nook built specially to perfectly fit your household’s bookworm—any and all of it is possible.

Repairs Are in Hand

It doesn’t get talked about too often, but one of the perils of buying a new home is getting a handle on the condition of your appliances, HVAC systems, etc. When you buy an existing home, the seller will probably provide some general info, but not always. The same goes for the inspection. They are mostly focused on whether or not something is an issue. What they won’t necessarily do is tell you the exact year your water heater was last replaced or that the air conditioning unit struggles to keep up with cooling in the summer. And if you want to know when you should replace the air filter—forget it!

While these things tend to naturally work themselves out (you’ll know what year your water heater was replaced after you have to replace it), it is nice to have everything organized right off the bat. And that is what you get from luxury new build homes. Everything is new, so you can just mark the general advice for maintenance and replacement in your planner. Voila!

Luxury New Build Homes Provide High Resale Value

This might seem obvious—it’s a high-end product so you get good money for it. But did you know that luxury homes are also insulated from economic challenges? They tend to hold more value and sell better even when the market isn’t great. This is because they are attainable for fewer people, but those people have greater resources and are thus less impacted by economic distress.

In the first quarter of 2021, luxury home sales rose by 42%, while affordable home sales only hit 7% growth. That is a significant gap, and it often looks like that—in any market.

When it comes to luxury new build homes specifically, the value is higher because everything is newer. The tech is better, the finishes are nicer, and the systems won’t need updated as soon. All of that has value.

Luxury New Build Homes Offer Efficiency

From water distribution to electricity and insulation, modern advancements are changing the need for our resources on practically a yearly basis. That means that luxury new build homes have the latest in conserving water, cool air, electricity, and more. And that saves you money while helping the planet.

On top of benefiting you while you live there, this also adds resale value. Who doesn’t want the most efficient home possible? It’s a big draw.


There are pros and cons to buying an older home and building a brand-new one. But we think it’s clear that luxury new build homes have plenty of benefits to consider.

If you’d like to explore how you can customize our luxury, spec-built homes here at Upper East River, check out our Adler homes.

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