5 Luxury Home Ideas for Thanksgiving Entertaining (Your Guests Will Love #3)

As we move closer and closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve been thinking of our favorite ways to wow your guests on Turkey Day. Of course, they’re gathering for the good food and even better company. But a beautifully festive home adds that extra sense of delight. So, let’s explore 5 Luxury Home Ideas for Thanksgiving Entertaining …

Luxury Home Design Tip: Go for the Formal Tabletop

plymouth turkey dinnerware for thanksgiving

Photography Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

While the super formal tabletop has mostly gone by the wayside, we think Thanksgiving is one of the few times it simply must make a return! There is just something about a beautifully set table that brings the full feeling of childhood Thanksgiving meals together.

Consider colored goblets for water or wine and your finest silverware. Take things up a notch with real linens instead of paper napkins. And if you really want to go all out, purchase a set of Williams Sonoma’s Plymouth Turkey dinnerware … it’s exquisite!

Put a Cornucopia on Display

cornucopia thanksgiving decor

Photography by Jill Wellington

In grade school, many of us were given fun Thanksgiving-time projects that involved cornucopias. But for whatever reason, they aren’t often translated into our concept of Thanksgiving as adults.

You probably think mostly of turkeys, pilgrims, pumpkins, and corn when you contemplate Turkey Day, but don’t forget about the cornucopia! It can really add a decadent and beautiful feel to a tabletop or a dining room hutch. Or, you could display one on a console table in the foyer! If you’re thinking of constructing your own cornucopia, Country Living has a DIY guide.

Consider Florals in Season

florals for thanksgiving entertaining in the luxury home ideas

Photography Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Maybe it’s because we often think of flowers as a springtime motif, but for some reason they get overlooked during all of these fall and winter holidays. We think that shouldn’t be so!

From sunflowers to orange-hued blooms, there are many fall-appropriate flowers to build a bouquet with. And what fancy tabletop is complete without one, after all! Martha Stewart has a great article sharing the many different flowers you can use to create a stunning bouquet.

Illuminate with Candlelight

candles on tabletop decor thanksgiving

Photography by Marta Dzedyshko

Whether you enjoy the smell of cinnamon and spice or would rather opt for a scent-free beeswax variety, candles will set the mood as much as anything else! Their warm flicker is quintessentially fall, and they bring a feeling of elegance to a home, too.

As luxury home ideas go, large candlesticks are a fan favorite always. We love the concept of including them as a part of your tabletop centerpiece, but if you have little ones around and don’t want to worry about them being knocked over during dinner, consider putting them on a fireplace mantel instead.

Nod to Coming Winter with Branches and Berries

branch with berries luxury home ideas

Photography by Addie Juell/Studio D

The perfect thing about this décor idea is that it acts as a transitional fall-to-winter piece. The bareness of the branches calls to the approaching wintertime, but if you select ones that have red, orange, or deep purple berries, they will fit the fall/Thanksgiving vibe as well.

Bunch them together in a beautiful vase for your tabletop, buffet, foyer console, or even a larger bar cart!


If you decide to use any of these tips, we’d love to see! Upload a photo to your favorite social media platform and include #UpperEastRiver in the caption.

And if you didn’t see our recent blog post about building updates, check it out! We’re making a lot of progress, and our gorgeous homes are selling like hotcakes, so be sure to get in touch if you’re thinking of finding your own paradise on the river.

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