5 Photo-Worthy Savannah Spots

5 Photo-Worthy Savannah Spots for Your Holiday Cards (And Social Media)

It might feel surprising to some of us, but yes, the end of the year is around the corner! If you like to send photo cards to your loved ones as a celebration of another year gone by, now is the time to get those photos taken! Or, perhaps you just like to have a good family shot for that end-of-year, see-you-later-2023 social media post. Either way, we’re rounding up our favorite photo-worthy Savannah spots for the perfect backdrop. Get your shutter ready!

#1 Forsyth Park Fountain

Forsyth Park Fountain

Photography by Visit Savannah

We couldn’t resist starting off with arguably the most iconic Savannah locale: the Forsyth Park Fountain. If you’ve ever read an article about the Hostess City or stumbled across someone’s highlight video on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve probably seen this beauty. It truly serves almost as a “mascot” of our city—and for good reason!

As photo-worthy Savannah spots go, this one is difficult to beat. Between the gorgeous fountain and the romantic Spanish moss trees hanging over you, these photos will be stunning. The one con here is that since this is such a staple of Savannah, it might be challenging to avoid a crowd. If your heart is set on this photo backdrop, it would be a good idea to plan your shoot for early in the morning (which offers great lighting, too!). You could also talk to your photographer about their ability to edit passersby out of the background.

#2 Tybee Island

Tybee Island, GA

Photography by Explore Georgia

If you’re dreaming of those classic family photos on the beach, Tybee Island is your spot. With its expansive, breathtaking views and soft sands, this is a great venue for photos with small children. They have plenty of space to run around! Plus, since there are such large stretches of vista, your photographer will likely have no trouble getting a ton of shots without others in the background.

One important note here: If you want your canine family members to be included, this is not the place for you. Dogs are not allowed on Tybee Island beaches.

#3 The Riverfront

Savannah Riverfront

Photography by Visit Savannah

Upper East River residents, you are especially lucky if this one strikes your fancy! When we think of photo-worthy Savannah spots, our beloved riverfront definitely comes to mind. For those who live in our lovely neighborhood, this shoot may be as simple as meeting a photographer at your front door and taking a short walk.

But even if you don’t live nearby, you could enjoy this gorgeous backdrop for your family photos—and this time those doggos are welcome! Of course, you’ll need to keep them on a leash, but a visit to Woof Gang Bakery is sure to result in some festive accessories worthy of their photo op. Pro tip: Grab some treats to draw their attention toward a lens, too!

If the riverfront is a must and you need public parking, scoot on over to Plant Riverside, where a parking garage offers plenty of room. Bonus: You can enjoy the best of shopping and dining the district has to offer before heading home.

#4 Orleans Square

Photography by Savannah Lodging

Okay, so if you are looking for a romantic-feeling little photo-worthy Savannah spot, Orleans Square will make you swoon! All of our city squares are beautiful, but this one is something really special. Oak trees, historic homes, a lovely fountain … there is a reason it proves a photographer favorite.

Of course, this space would work beautifully for family photos with kids and pets (on leashes) too, but we just can’t help envisioning those effervescent photos of the newlywed or engaged around the holidays … magical!

#5 Savannah Dog Park in Starland

Savannah Dog Park

Photography by Wag!

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t forget to provide an off-leash option for your canine family members! If your dream is to get candid, run-and-play photos with your fur babies, we’ve got you covered.

Savannah Dog Park is located within the Starland District. It has the distinction of being the first park dedicated solely to dogs and their owners. With verdant green grasses, this would make for a simple, but special photo-worthy Savannah spot if you want to include your dog without keeping hold of a leash the whole time.


Well folks, there you have it! Send this list to your photographer for their opinion. Or, take your pick and clear some space on that smartphone. Either way, we’re sure one of these locations will prove the perfect spot for some gorgeous family photos.

If you do take one of our suggestions and decide to post on social media, use the hashtag #HolidaysAtUpperEastRiver so that we can see your smiling faces enjoying our beloved city.

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