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5 Ways to Relax and Recharge in Your Luxury Home After the Holidays (#1 Is a Favorite of Ours)

When we think of luxury home design, we often focus on the lovely finishes and grand architectural features. But one of the main elements that makes a home feel luxurious is the prioritization of convenience and comfort. In a home where money and time is intentionally invested in the experience of residing within it, opportunities for lifestyle experiences abound. And when you’re coming off of the wonderful, yet often chaotic time of the holidays, those places designed for enjoyment are all the more essential. Keep reading, as we give you a few ideas of how you can relax and recharge in your luxury home after the holidays …

#1 Read with Your Home’s Best View


Whether you’ve got a grand vista of the Savannah River like we do here at Upper East River or a picturesque look onto a quaint city street, every home has at least one spot where the outdoor splendor is on display. Pull up a cozy chair or beanbag, grab a cup of tea, coffee, or whiskey, and crack open a great book in front of it.

There is just something so good for the soul in the practice of reading with a view. If you need some book recommendations, we shared a few great Savannah-related reads this time last year. But you could also stop in at E. Shaver Booksellers and ask for some insights from their team!

#2 Take a Bath in Your Luxury House


This is the moment your gorgeous tub has been waiting for. It’s one of the features of a luxury home that feels especially decadent, and maybe you don’t use it daily, but now is the time. After the bustle, hustle, and excitement (for some, overstimulation) of the holidays, an intentional bath time can really rejuvenate mind, body, and soul!

You could also combine our previous concept with this one—bring your book to the tub! Just maybe make sure it is a physical copy, rather than a tablet … in case you loose your grip and it tumbles into the tub! (Or proceed at your own risk, e-book devotees!) If you could use a solid landing place for your book, bubble bath bottle, and drink, consider this stunning piece from CB2: White Marble Bath Caddy.

#3 Pull Out a Beautiful Journal and Write in Your Luxury Office

Do you have an elegant desk space? Find or purchase yourself a luxurious journal (think, leather cover and thick pages), locate your favorite pen, and sit down to write. You can tell the pages everything that is on your mind, create poetry, or simply make an aspirational to-do list. No matter the content of your writing, the act of putting words to paper in a notebook that is enjoyable to hold and use will prove an opportunity to recharge.

If you’re the resolution type, you could use this as an activity for mapping out your goals and visions for 2022!

#4 Skip the Cooking, but Dine in Decadence



Over the holidays, it’s likely that you spent a ton of time in the kitchen. Regardless of whether you were cooking a five-course homemade meal or plating pre-prepared dishes, if you hosted, you were busy in the food department!

So now that the chaos has passed, we think you should enjoy the kitchen of your luxury home in sight only. Order your favorite takeout (might we recommend exploring SAVtakOut for Savannah locals), set it out on your gorgeous countertops, pour a drink, and dig in. If you’ve got an open-air dining space, sit there with your closest loved ones and just embrace the fresh air of a new year.

#5 Do Some Home Organization

We wanted to include something on this list for the “relaxaphobe.” For some of us, sitting down to do one quiet activity or nothing at all doesn’t actually feel all that rejuvenating. And that’s okay! Here is an idea for the most energetic of the bunch: organize that pantry you’ve always been frustrated by, add labels to the guest bath products, alphabetize the bookshelves, set things aside for donation—get editing!

One of the ways to add a sense of luxury to your luxury home is to categorize and organize as much as possible. It just has a way of making things feel sophisticated. This pursuit can certainly be relaxing and invigorating in its own way. Plus, it feels perfect for the new year! To add an extra sense of enjoyment, start the process by lighting a candle or plugging in a diffuser.


Take it upon yourself to indulge in one (or all!) of these activities to relax and recharge, and we think you’ll be feeling brand new in no time!

And if we’ve got you think more about making sure your home feels luxurious, read up on one of our previous blog posts: These Are the Best 5 Stores for Luxury Home Design (No 5 Is a Savannah Favorite!)

Lastly, if that makes you think you’ll need a blank slate to work with, you know where to find our sales team! 😉

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