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6 Songs That Feel Like Savannah (And Guess What?! We Made a Playlist!)

Any local will tell you, the culture of Savannah is highly unique. The nature and cityscape alike are beautiful, the sense of community is unmatched, the art scene is thriving, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find better food and fun things to do. But at the heart of it all is something less describable— a vibe, if you will. We think the following songs (and all of the others on our new playlist) feel as if they capture that je ne sais quoi. Put your earbuds in, head on over to Spotify, and take a walk through some great hits with us …


Why Worry A Collection of Covers Molly Parden Hollow Hum Songs Album

This classic track, originally written and performed by Fleetwood Mac, reflects on the cycle of life and its phases. It reminds us that the passing of time can be a collective experience. Savannah, with its strong sense of togetherness, community, and present living, feels so suited to Stevie Nicks’ thoughtful song. We think Molly Parden and Hollow Hum’s more contemporary version is a fun one, if you’re looking for a little new flavor.

“Take Me Home, Country Road”

Live Toots & the Maytals Songs Album

Savannah isn’t called the Hostess City for nothing. We love to welcome loved ones and acquaintances alike into our homes, of which we’re usually quite proud. For Savannahians, “home” is so much more than a place to land at the end of the day. It’s an oasis; a personal showcase of interests and passions; a safe space where all of the best minutes in a day take place. We think most of our fellow locals would agree, “Take Me Home, Country Road” is a song that speaks to us. It was originally written by Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert and performed by John Denver, but Toots & the Maytals’ live version has a Jamaica-inspired spin us coastal Southerners appreciate.

“House of the Rising Sun”

House of the Rising Sun The Animals Songs Album Spotify

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Savannah knows how detailed and fascinating its many bits of lore are. From stories of ghosts and infamous murders to tales of otherworldly talents and the strange origins of still-alive traditions, the city is one of the more legendary in the United States. “House of the Rising Sun” is itself a thing of legends. No one is quite sure where its creation started. It is believed to have arisen over time in the way of folk songs. That said, the modern version we listen to, performed by The Animals, is thought to have been written by Georgia Turner. Its gritty, soulful sound also just seems to fit right in among the scenes of Savannah.

“Black Coffee in Bed”

Spot the Difference Songs Album Squeeze

In this Squeeze tune, written by founding member and guitarist Chris Difford, the hurts of lost love and the promise of another are explored in upbeat notes. We think it suits the relentlessly optimistic attitude so many Savannahians possess. We’re a city of happy and hopeful people, that’s for sure!

“Something to Love”

The Nashville Sound Songs Album Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Perhaps the most modern piece on this list, “Something to Love” is one of our favorites by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. If you haven’t listened to the band, run, don’t walk! Although contemporary work has its own unique merits, few of today’s new artists capture as much soul and lyricism as those of past decades. Isbell and group are an exception. This song, in particular, embodies the warmth of life in the South. We’re obsessed!

“Got To Give It Up (Part 1)”

Got To Give It Up Song Marvin Gaye

Being that we used the word “vibe” in the intro, one of Marvin Gaye’s songs has to be included in this list. He was undeniably a master of musical ambience. When we hear “Got To Give It Up (Part 1),” we envision mingling and dancing, and that is so Savannah. This song also has a fascinating tale or two attached to it. The next time you and your neighbors throw a big old block party, be sure to give this title to the DJ. And if you’re Upper East Riverites, we’d like an invite! 😉


Don’t forget to check out our Upper East River playlist on Spotify, via this link or the social icon here on our site (top right). We’d love to see you saving it to your library (click that heart). If you have any recommendations for songs we should add, let us know!

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