A Family’s Next Chapter: Henry and Carolyn Bombardo Begin Anew in an Adler

For so many years, the suburbs of Seattle have been the perfect place for the Bombardos. As newlyweds expecting their first child, Henry and Carolyn were drawn to the area for its stunning natural landscape and rich cultural one. They nestled into Denny-Blaine, in a gorgeous home that offered plenty of room for their two forthcoming children—twins.

It wasn’t long before they each made friends in the neighborhood. When the babies arrived, they found lifelong playmates almost instantly. Owen and Olivia also found a love of the arts. Weekly trips into Seattle’s funkier communities inspired a love for creativity in all forms. As did their parents’ own passion and pursuits. Henry loves to play the violin and Carolyn paints.

Given this family history, it certainly seems less surprising that Owen and Olivia have both chosen to pursue a career in the arts. They’ve been accepted, together, at their dream school: SCAD.

Upon watching their children open those much-anticipated acceptance letters, Henry and Carolyn had the thought that perhaps this was the start of a new chapter for all of them. After first visiting the college and exploring the surrounding city of Savannah, their decision was made. They would follow the kids to the Hostess City.

It took them a little while to figure out where they wanted to be, but the river kept calling to them. The Bombardos also knew they wanted to be close to downtown and find a neighborhood that had a sense of community in the same way Denny-Blaine always had for them. Searching ensued, and one answer began to stand above the rest: Upper East River’s Adler homes.

Imbued with Savannah’s historic charm but overflowing with modern amenities in the heart of a carefully cultivated area, Adler proved the perfect fit for the Bombardos.

Less than six minutes from SCAD and with the option for three bedrooms, it would be the perfect home base from which to stay connected to Owen and Olivia. While at the same time, of course, embracing a new level of freedom. They had planned it out so that Henry could semi-retire when the kids headed off to school, and now he is looking forward to playing more music, boating along the river, and enjoying his favorite Irish whiskey with friends.

It will all fall into place in their new Adler townhome.

And if it sounds like the final puzzle piece for you, too … well, it could be.

Explore one of the available Adlers:

412 Port Street

Homesite 36

Savannah, GA 31401

With a design that exudes authenticity and modernity in turn, this Adler townhome boasts 2,118 square feet of living space. It features a private deck from which to enjoy the riverfront neighborhood’s splendor and a two-car garage. Three floor plans and six design packages invite customization to make it one’s own, and the hand-tumbled brick façade just says, “Savannah.”

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