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A Look Back on The Past 12 Months at Upper East River (February Might Shock You)

As we think most anyone will agree, 2020 has been a year full of challenges and confusion. But, it has also brought about compassion and creative solutions.

Here at Upper East River, we want to extend the warmest wishes and heartfelt sentiments to all of you—anyone reading this. We acknowledge and recognize how difficult this year has been for many, and we hope for a much more positive and beneficial 2021.

We also, though, want to celebrate the parts of these past 12 months that have been good. Despite a few of our own setbacks, we managed to be pretty productive! So, let’s reflect and cherish the wins …



second home investment

We started off the year with some thoughtful, informative blog posts. First up, we talked about what makes a home a great investment!



Adler building at dusk

Our Adlers became homes. Being that they were the first part of Upper East River to be completed, they represent the movement of our vision. And so, watching new residents excitedly purchase and move into them has been rewarding for us all.

Savannah Eastern Wharf fire

Photography courtesy of WTOC

This month also brought with it the news that our neighbors at Eastern Wharf had experienced a major and quite frightening setback: a fire. Most importantly, no lives were lost, but this was certainly a difficult day for everyone involved. Thank goodness once again for our incredible Savannah firefighters!



Adler building at dusk

We explored the rich history of the Irish in Savannah and hosted a successful Luck of the Irish home sale!



J.J. Corry rendering

The Upper East River team broke ground on J.J. Corry, taking us one step closer to bringing the rendering to life. These were our second home types to enter the construction phase, after the Adlers.



virtual home tour

We devised a set of protocols to enable potential buyers to tour our homes while maintaining their safety. COVID-19 has certainly changed a lot about so many aspects of life. We are proud to have found a way to keep the thrilling experience of viewing and buying a home alive while ensuring everyone stays well. Enter through an automated lock or via view it all from your device!



In June, we shared an Atlanta Business Chronicle article about how and why big tech companies are looking to Savannah.



Thompson Hotel

Hyatt announced the creation of the Thompson Hotel in Eastern Wharf, and we’ve been enamored by watching the towering building climb higher month after month. If you live in Savannah, bundle up for a walk along the river and take in the site of such a giant framework under construction—it’s cool!

River Homes

We made our own announcement: River Homes would be our next endeavor. WJCL covered the story, noting the significance of the homes for being the first built on the riverfront in 200 years.

Eastern Wharf

And, we watched our partner development, Eastern Wharf, persevere after the devastating fire. The continuation of construction has been deemed a sign of optimism amid the chaos of 2020 by Connect Savannah’s Jim Morekis.



Residential amenity center

What should you look for in an amenity center? It’s an important question, and we answered it back in August!



Savannah port cargo

The Port of Savannah set a record by moving the highest number of containers of any U.S. port. This is something we here at Upper East River were fascinated to learn! We can see cargo ships passing on the water in front of the neighborhood, so we enjoy following this news. Savannah never ceases to impress!



Southwest airlines

We found out that Southwest will bring more folks to our lovely city! This increases access, and therefore opportunities, for our tourist-friendly businesses. But it also means that our Upper East River residents will now more easily be able to invite faraway friends and family into their homes, which, we must say, are quite suited to entertaining!



J.J. Corry opening

With some help from our esteemed Mayor Van R. Johnson, we celebrated the grand opening of our J.J. Corry homes!  



Upper East River Savannah

Photography by D. Paul Graham

We were featured in South magazine! It was such an honor to read all about Upper East River in such an awesome publication.

open door new home


And we have one final big moment to celebrate: As of our writing this, we have sold out of our move-in-ready Adler homes! We can’t think of a better way to close out 2020 and begin 2021 than welcoming more new neighbors to our beautiful little corner of the Savannah River waterfront.


Wow! What a year it has been for us here at Upper East River. Thank you to every member of our team, to all of our residents, and to our wonderful friends throughout the city of Savannah and beyond. We are grateful to have you on this journey with us.

Cheers to the brightest of days in 2021!

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