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Embrace the Art of Slow Savannah Living This Spring (5 Tips!)

You’ve probably heard of slow living before, but did you know that we here in the South have long championed the art? And it is, indeed, an art form! In Savannah especially, we’ve cultivated a love for “stopping to smell the roses,” and today, we’re going to share a few ways to do it. Let’s talk about how we can embrace the art of slow Savannah living this spring.

#1 Smell the Flowers

Brett Sayles flowers Savannah living

Photography by Brett Sales

Yes, we’re going to start with the idea behind the cliché phrase! Despite perhaps being an overused expression, the idea of stopping to smell the roses is timeless and true. When we forget to appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life, we often lose sight of gratitude and contentedness.

Thus, taking a few minutes (or longer) to inspect, admire, and get a whiff of the flowers in your garden is a perfect way to embrace slow Savannah living this spring.

#2 Clean with Intention

cleaning with intention Andrea Piacquadio

Photography by Andrea Piacquadio

Some of us love cleaning. Others … not so much! But whichever way you feel about it, a way to rediscover slow Savannah living is to leave the rush of productivity behind. When we pick up the vacuum or head to the kitchen for dish duty, we often view it as a task to power through. Instead, approach it with a mindset of love and thankfulness for your beautiful home. Mentally cherish the belongings you’re cleaning. After all, you’re pouring devotion into caring for them.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll probably feel like you meditated—and everything will be just as clean!

#3 Read a Book

Cottonbro reading to embrace slow Savannah living

Photography by Cottonbro

Ah, now this is probably our favorite thing on the list. Be sure to select a book that you want to read just because. Don’t go for something you need to read for work or a book club. Grab that fantasy novel, or the romantic story you’ve been meaning to dive into for ages. Brew a cup of coffee or tea, wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket, and kick up your feet.

As you turn each page, embrace slow Savannah living by acknowledging not only the story you’re reading. Think too about the sensory experience of touching each page as you flip it, smelling the paper and ink. If you need to find this perfect read, we suggest a trip to E. Shaver!

#4 Detach from Technology

put your phone away Negative Space

Photography by Negative Space

We know, this one is difficult!! But there are many benefits to leaving your phones, computers, and tablets behind for a little while.

And health reasons aside, the media we consume when we use our devices is designed to engage our brains like nothing else. It is the ultimate entertainment, which means that our minds aren’t being asked to do much other than observe. This can be a good thing when we need to unwind. But it can also result in overstimulation. Embracing the art of slow Savannah living is all about connecting with the world around you—not the digital one!

#5 Spend Time in Nature

Polina Chistyakova walking in nature the art of slow Savannah living

Photography by Polina Chistyakova

This tip goes hand in hand with the first one, but we want to expand. Walking or hiking, in particular, out in the forest or along the beach, is so beneficial for mind, body, and soul. There may be no greater way to center oneself and reconnect with the world outside ourselves.

Remember how we talked about appreciating the little things? How better to do that than searching for unique seashells or bird-watching amongst tall trees. A trip to Tybee Island is always a good one, but we also love Visit Savannah’s roundup of must-hike trails.


When we embrace the art of slow Savannah living, we rediscover the things we cherish about the world around us. Here at Upper East River, we think that is a key part of finding “the good life.” If you want to hear more about how we define that, follow us on Instagram!

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