Home Automation in 2024: Smart, Secure, Seamless

Home Automation in 2024: Smart, Secure, Seamless

As we journey further into the digital era, the evolution of home automation, smart home technologies, and home security systems continues to redefine our living spaces. Innovations in these fields promise enhanced convenience and efficiency. They also prioritize environmental sustainability and personal security. In today’s blog post, we’re delving into the latest advancements that are setting the standard for the future of smart living. Here are the home automation features we think you should consider incorporating in your home!

Climate Control

This is one of the best home automation tips we could offer: invest in one of those smart thermostats pronto. You might think they seem like a gimmick, and indeed they have gone through a trending phase, but they’re so worth it. Not only does this technology allow you to adjust heating or air conditioner from your smartphone or the wall unit. Most also enable intelligent adjustments wherein the device responds to the environment to keep your temperature where you want it. In a place like our home of Savannah, where the milder seasons of spring and fall can bring temps that vary quite a bit from day to day, this is a game changer.

A bonus: smart thermostats are eco-friendly! By adjusting to achieve your ideal temperature, they prevent overuse of both heat and air conditioning.

Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation

Setting your lighting up with some type of home automation has ample benefits. First, you can once again save energy by having lights on a timer. This can also be key for those who want that lock-and-leave lifestyle, as it gives the impression that you’re home (check out our blog post on the topic for more tips). But smart lighting features also enable you to adjust color and hue to create a certain mood in a space, which we love.

Security Cameras and Smart Locks

Doorbell Camera

Anyone who has viewed a funny doorbell camera video on social media knows that these video features have come a long way. Placing a doorbell camera, and perhaps a floodlight with an attached camera on the side or back of the house, can be a massive security benefit of home automation. Someone with nefarious intentions will be less likely to act on a property where they can see that they are being filmed. Also, you will have the peace of mind that comes with being able to look in on what’s happening from afar.

Smart locks are a great feature as well. They can make things more secure, since you can lock and unlock remotely. But they’re also just convenient. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys again and the pet sitter or house cleaner can be let in even if you aren’t home. For those who have plans to rent a property to vacationers, a smart lock with a keypad makes the entire process simpler, because you can avoid hand-off of keys but change the code between visitors to maintain security.

Mayors Lobby

In many cases, your home’s larger community will provide security features that go hand-in-hand with these. Take our residences in The Mayors, for example. With a secure lobby and keyed elevator access, each residence is amply protected. That doesn’t mean having your own security measures can hurt!

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at The Mayors, you might want to check out one of the currently for-sale properties: 440 Geo Meyer Avenue #5. In fact, if we can brag for just a moment … Upper East River just won a Phillip Trammell Shutze Award in the Multifamily Architecture category, and one look at The Mayors really helps you understand why that is. All of our home types have their own unique flair, informed by different parts of Savannah’s history and various architectural vernaculars. The Mayors touches on a spectacular midcentury deco feel, while complementing the rest of the neighborhood.

Read more about Upper East River winning the Phillip Trammell Shutze Award in the Milton Herald!

Do-It-All Appliances

These days, the kitchen almost feels like it cooks for you. That is, if you invest in the latest innovations when it comes to home automation-centric appliances. Some refrigerators will analyze the contents within and compile shopping lists that are sent to your phone. Certain ovens can be preheated remotely so they’re ready to cook the moment you step in the door.

By embracing appliances with such home automation features, you can make the preparation of any meal—from gathering ingredients to the actual cooking—feel effortless.

When you incorporate any one of these home automation features, your day-to-day routines will start to feel like a symphony—every move is perfect and precise. In the 21st century, when so many of us are juggling what feels like a million things at once, this can be truly life-changing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the home automation features you should consider in 2024. If you do implement and love them, let us know! We’d like to hear about it by being tagged on social media at @uppereastriver.

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