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Home Building Advice to Create the Savannah Look

When you’re building a new home, there is often a certain aesthetic you’re seeking. After all, if any old architecture and design will do, why would you go the custom route? For those building in Savannah, the feel of local homes is likely a part of the visual goal. And of course, we specialize in this niche here at Upper East River! So, let’s talk home building advice to create the Savannah look.

Select an Established Vernacular

The first aspect of achieving the Savannah look is to understand that local architecture is largely historic or historically inspired. This is not a city where you will find a bunch of modern buildings or “McMansions,” which blend a bunch of disparate styles.

We understand the temptation to pull features from a few different vernaculars. It can be challenging to choose one vibe you like when so many are beautiful. And the custom process makes it fun to get creative. But our home building advice is to try and stick to one aesthetic. Don’t craft a traditional Georgian exterior and then use an ultramodern set of windows. Or, if you do want to blend styles that way, ensure that you have a design professional involved. Oftentimes, the experts can find ways to mix styles that are refined and thus, more timeless.

Parallel to this home building advice, we would also recommend exploring Savannah to see what styles will blend in. If you want a home that suits the Hostess City, choose an architectural approach that fits its character.

Major Home Building Advice: Use Quality Materials

Our second piece of home building advice is to focus on materials about just about all else. When you think about an elegant estate of old, the quality of construction comes to mind. Most of Savannah is centered around just such historically inclined places, and their materials exude a certain authenticity. You can picture passionate craftspeople toiling at the quiet work of their trade.

In a new build, this can be brought to life via things like hand-tumbled brick, wrought-iron lanterns, and real hardwood flooring. Take our Adler homes, for example! 😉

Open Up the Floor Plans

You might think that a Savannah home, being often of a historic nature, would have a lot of closed-off individual rooms. This is certainly true in many cases. But for our next bit of home building advice, we want to deviate from what has been done and think about the legacy Savannah carries into the future: Southern charm.

In an age where ultracontemporary skyscrapers dominate so much of modern life, the preservation of the South’s inherent charm and warm traditions feels welcome for many of us. The beauty of Savannah is that it marries those bits of old-school delight with a hip downtown and thriving arts and cultural scene. So why not make your custom home achieve a similar balance? Go for the finishes and architectural details that suit a classic Savannah residence, but inside, aim for an open floor plan. Savannah is the Hostess City, and your charming Southern abode should be a place where you can welcome guests and enjoy time with them.

An open floor plan builds better flow and allows you to chat even while you are cooking, prepping drinks, etc. It is the obvious choice for an entertainer. And that makes it perfect for Savannah.


There you have it—our home building advice to create the Savannah look! Even if you are building new, you can certainly embody the essence of the Hostess City. And as aesthetic inspiration goes, we think you couldn’t get much better than Savannah.

To see our own new builds and how we incorporated the look and feel of our home, explore our neighborhood.

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