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How to Create the Ultimate Couple’s Retreat in Your Primary Suite

Nestling into a serene, personalized space with your significant other is one of life’s great luxuries. Not only does it prove enjoyable, but it can be a source of nurturing for your relationship. In today’s fast-paced world, carving out a haven at home, where you and your partner can unwind and reconnect, is vital. That’s why we’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day by diving into the art of transforming your primary suite into the ultimate couple’s retreat. This is your guide to creating a space that is more than a room—it’s a sanctuary!

Luxurious Linens

The journey to the ultimate couple’s retreat begins with the very fabric of your relaxation … literally! Investing in high-quality, soft linens can make your environment at home feel like the most decadent hotel. It may seem like a small luxury, but the impact is more noticeable in your day to day than you might think.

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A Soak in Serenity

While this is a bit more of an undertaking if you don’t already have one, a soaking tub is such a must for the ultimate couple’s retreat. Set the scene with bubbles, a glass of wine, books to read, candles—it’s a whole vibe. If you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day more in a mode of self-care than time with a partner, this is an equally great go-to for your own home.

Taking in the Vista

River Homes Outdoor Space

For those fortunate enough to have a home with a scenic balcony or patio, it will likely become a cornerstone of your ultimate couple’s retreat. Dress these outdoor spaces up with comfortable seating, soft lighting, and some champagne. Then, watch the sunset and, in the case of our River Homes residents, the boats going by. No matter the particulars of your view, taking it all in with your loved one by your side is one of the most romantic experiences. Doing so from the comfort of your personal home is something extra special.

Mood Lighting Is a Must

Alongside the soft lighting of a lantern or citronella candle on your balcony or patio, it pays to attend to lighting throughout your suite. Bright overhead bulbs might be necessary when testing outfits for an event in front of the mirror or trying to find the toy Fido insists is somewhere under the bed. But when it’s time to lean into each other and relax as romantics, mood lighting is a must. Candles are a timeless touch. However, also consider the idea of installing smart bulbs into your lamps. That way, you can adjust the warmth and even color of the lighting via your smartphone. A soft pink hue for Valentine’s Day? Yes, please!

A Nook for Two

The bibliophile will adore this tip, but even if you aren’t one to spend time with a book, a nook is a wonderful addition to a primary suite. It creates a cozy spot for long conversations, after-dinner drinks between the two of you, or a morning of coffee and contemplation together.

Transforming your primary suite into the ultimate couple’s retreat is a beautiful way to promote comfort, ambience, and connection. We hope these tips have inspired you to rethink the way you enjoy your home, together, this Valentine’s Day!

If this has you rethinking your entire space, we have further inspiration to offer: explore our available homes.

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