How to Host the Perfect End-of-Summer Soiree in Your Savannah Home

Although many of us think of June and July when we contemplate the joy of the sunshine season, August, too, is a wonder of summer. As everyone prepares to wrap up vacations and send the kids back to school, the final gatherings of the season often seem to host an air of the last hurrah! And that can be a recipe for a great time. But how can you host the perfect end-of-summer soiree in your Savannah home? We’re going to walk you through it …

Step 1: Bring the Season into Your Home Décor

If you haven’t already done this for your own enjoyment, grab some summertime motifs and colors and get decorating! A few of our favorite thematic guides include Amalfi lemon, patriotic, picnic, and beachy coastal chic.

You could also choose to incorporate one of these aesthetic vibes only for the party, but we think they make for a festive, all-summer-long decorative feel. Regardless, be sure you do some decorating (even if it’s subtle) in your Savannah home before you host that end-of-summer bash.

Step 2: Get the Bar or Beverage Cart in Order

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What is a party without some delectable libations? Even if you choose to go nonalcoholic, you want to have all the fixings for fun summer cocktails. After all, perhaps no other season is so associated with a bright, fruity drink.

Stock your bar or beverage cart or station with everything you’ll need and add a piece or two of décor to tie it into your vibe. Next, consider adding a little sign or two with some fun recipes. Inviting guests to prep their own cocktail can be a fun activity—especially if they haven’t made that drink before. Ultimate host tip: Test your alcoholic recipes to see how they taste without the alcohol component to ensure those who don’t drink can still join in the fun.

Oh, and if you don’t already own a bar or beverage cart or station, might we suggest a Dometic MoBar to wow your guests (and make your life so easy). These indoor-outdoor mobile carts are complete with built-in refrigeration. They’re a luxurious addition to any Savannah home.

Step 3: Think About the Flow of Your Home Layout

When most of us set up for a party, we just put things where they best fit from a functional perspective. But consider your guests while you do this—especially at a time as hot as summer. Let’s say you have a water feature to gather around and plan to grill some veggies and shrimp outside. You probably envision your guests spending all of their time out there. That doesn’t mean you should be putting the grazing board, with cold meats and cheeses, in the sun. That should stay in the air conditioning!

Your guests, too, might want to retreat to the comfort of your Savannah home’s cool interior. Be sure you have places set up for them to rest, with coasters and drink stations that invite them to help themselves to water in the kitchen. Ultimate host tip: Get fancy with some citrus water in a beautiful glass dispenser—it so suits the summer vibe.

While we’re talking about keeping cool, we love this article by Katelyn Chef over on Martha Stewart’s site: Five Creative Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Party

Step 4: Invite Fun Times

Photography by Maryia Plashchynskaya

Remember how we mentioned the making of drinks being an activity for guests? Well, you want to aim for more than that! Many a great party consists of everyone just chatting, catching up, and enjoying good food. But summer is a time so inherently imbued with a sense of play—why not live that up?!

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for party fun in your Savannah home:

  • Cornhole
  • Bottle ring toss
  • Croquet
  • Hula hooping contest
  • Badminton
  • Egg and spoon races

Step 5: Encourage Guests to Document Memories

Historic architectural elements

We included this as one of our Superbowl party tips too: set up a photo station! Whether you and your guests love social media or not, it’s always fun to have photo memories to look back on. Plus, if you include a fun backdrop and some photo props, this totally becomes its own activity!


And, if you take these steps to ready your Savannah home for a fantastic end-of-summer soiree, we think there will be many wonderful memories to capture indeed!

If you do throw a beautiful bash, tag us on Instagram @uppereastriver so we can see and celebrate your hostess chops! ????

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