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Invest Smart: The Hidden Value of Upper East River

When considering investment opportunities, real estate remains a top choice for savvy investors. The key is finding a property that offers both a luxurious living experience and the potential for substantial rental income. Upper East River presents the accommodations and amenities to capitalize on both fronts. With our elegantly appointed residences, flexible spaces, strategic location, and welcoming neighborhood, Upper East River is an ideal investment for those looking to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you’ve been contemplating the purchase of a Savannah investment property, we might be the perfect solution.

The Investment Potential of Upper East River

While every one of our home types offers appeal as an investment property, two of the most attractive options include our River Homes and Adler townhomes. Both come with Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR) license approval. This approval is a game changer for investors, allowing homeowners to legally rent out their properties on a short-term basis. This can provide a lucrative income stream. It also solves the problem of the home sitting empty for those who plan to reside in Savannah only part of the year.

Understanding STVR License Approval

STVR license approval is essential for homeowners looking to rent their properties on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO. This approval ensures that the property meets all local regulations and standards. Not only does this provide peace of mind and confirmation of legality for the owner. It also assures guests, who know that these platforms hold rentals to that requirement. In a vibrant tourist destination like Savannah, having an STVR-approved property significantly enhances its rental appeal and profitability.

The River Homes: Versatile and Luxurious

Savannah investment property

The River Homes at Upper East River are a standout choice for investors. These elegant residences feature a main house, a garden level, and a carriage house. This configuration offers a unique advantage: the ability to create three separate rental spaces within a single property. Whether you choose to rent out the entire home or each section individually, the potential for rental income is maximized.

Imagine the possibilities … you could reside in the main house while renting out the carriage house. Or, you could utilize the entire property as a multi-family rental during peak tourist seasons. This is the kind of multi-space home many large families seek for multi-generational vacations or retreats that bring together longtime friends and all their children. The flexibility of the River Homes makes them an exceptional investment choice.

The Adler Townhomes: Stylish and Profitable

Adler Kitchen

Another fabulous investment opportunity lies in our Adler townhomes. Historically inspired but outfitted with stunning modern finishes and a flexible, fluid layout, these townhomes are lifestyle-centric in the best way. They would be attractive to long-term tenants or short-term vacationers. Of course, they’re also a great home base for anyone seeking to spend a few months a year in Savannah. Nestled in our beautiful community along the river, a walk from all that Plant Riverside has to offer, minutes to downtown, and a short drive to so many other regional locales … they position you perfectly. Exceptional Savannah investment property? Check! A homey place you can enjoy for the other half of the year? Also check!

River Homes and Adler Availability

If you’re feeling captivated by the possibilities these two home types offer, we encourage you to reach out to our sales team. Upper East River currently has multiple River Homes and Adler residences available for sale. Explore our Available Homes page, and reach our team via the contact info below.


Denise “Dee” Stamps-Auston
Sales Manager

In Conclusion: UER Might Be Home to Your Savannah Investment Property

Investing in Upper East River is not just about purchasing a home; it’s about securing a versatile asset that can provide both personal enjoyment and financial gain. Eastern Wharf is an up-and-coming, desirable place to be, and you could benefit from this in myriad ways.

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