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Your Guide to Low-Maintenance Homes for Lock-and-Leave Living

Whether you are a pair of retirees who spend half of the year visiting family and heading down to the tropics or a young family of adventurers who frequently embark on thrilling trips, it can be nice to know that all you have to do is pack, lock up, and leave. This is the vision at the heart of lock-and-leave living, which usually describes a residence that is so low-maintenance as to demand almost zero prep before you take a hiatus! Here at Upper East River, our homes fall into the lock-and-leave category, and we’re going to talk about why. This is your guide to low-maintenance homes that make it possible for you to jet off on a whim.

Safety in Community

One of the key factors in lock-and-leave living lies in your home’s location. If you’ve got a standalone residence sited on a lot with few surrounding neighbors, you probably love the quiet and wide-open space. But this could be a hazard if you plan to be out of town often. Why? Well, it’s not very visible to others, and that puts it more at risk of robbery.

When you live in a community like our own, where the homes are attached and rest along defined walkways among communal spaces, it conveys a greater sense of watchfulness. In a place like Upper East River, someone with nefarious intentions would almost certainly encounter others as they pursued their goals. And that is the last thing they want. You can also have neighbors check up on your home from time to time if you’re going to be gone for longer than a week or two.

Amenities Abound

Geo. Meyer House | AMENITY CENTER | Pools and Fitness Center

Another core factor in lock-and-leave living is wider location, and by extension, the amenities you can access. Again, if you live far away from others, it may be more difficult to find a place to board your pets when it’s time to head out. It could also be a feat of planning to stock the fridge when you return, order takeout after getting back in late, etc.

But this isn’t as much of an issue when you live in a neighborhood that is centrally located within an amenity-rich city. Take our home of Savannah, for instance. It isn’t too difficult to find a wonderful boarder to love on your dog while you’re gone, and the takeout is not only convenient, but five-star quality.

In-community amenities also play a role in lock-and-leave living. Imagine you have a pool in your backyard. That is going to require maintenance while you’re out of town, whether you have to hire someone just for that or instruct your regular pool caretaker from afar. But at Upper East River, you’ll have a resort-level pool at Geo. Meyer House instead. All of the fun with zero maintenance … that’s how we like it! It will even serve coffee and cocktails, making your evening after returning home a little more enjoyable. Just walk on over for a delectable sip to celebrate your travels.

Maintenance Happens Like Magic

River Homes | SPACIOUS HOMES | Riverfront with Carriage House

Now this one is fabulous regardless of whether you care about lock-and-leave living or not, but it does play a critical role in the latter. At Upper East River, our HOA maintains landscaping and exterior upkeep. If you love to hop on a plane and return whenever you’re feeling like it, this is an absolute win.

Automation for Remote Peace of Mind

For those who aspire to lock-and-leave living but tend to feel anxious once they’ve vacated the premises of their cherished home, automation can change the game. First of all, you’d be surprised how far the home surveillance industry has come. Today’s cameras are reasonably priced, offer a clearer picture than ever, and can be accessed easily via an app. To take it one step further, consider selecting a family of tech products for the home, like Wyze. With a smart thermostat, cameras, doorbell, and more, it enables you to get the full picture of what’s happening at home in a single interface—the app on your phone.

These types of technology also allow you to set routines, which is a fantastic option for lock-and-leave living. It might not have worked out for Kevin McCallister’s family, but having lights on a timer is generally a great security measure for an empty home. Setting routines for automated shades and thermostat will also enable you to make it look like you’re home and perhaps even reduce energy costs.

The consensus is clear: the latest tech can help you achieve lock-and-leave living with ease and efficiency!

In fact, that is the takeaway you should focus on: ease and efficiency. If you can’t accomplish those two things with your lock-and-leave living, you’ll end up frustrated and stressed before and after travel. Adjusting your lifestyle and home to prioritize those two elements will make jet-setting all the more enjoyable!

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