Luxury Home Ideas for the Art Collector

Although there are certainly some techniques for making a space feel generally luxurious, the true essence of a high-end and well-designed home is personalization. With that knowledge, we decided it would be fun to start a new blog series! In this post and others to come, we’re going to share some thoughts on how you can create elegant interiors with your personality and preferences in mind. To start, let’s talk luxury home ideas for the art collector!

Luxury Home Design – Hallway Museums

gallery hallway nook space art collection in the luxury home

Photography by Rachel Claire

Does your home feature a hallway? We know what you should do with that! While many people will use this space for a collage of family photos, the art collector should think differently. After all, you can cluster some sentimental shots on your dresser, fireplace mantel, and other spots, but most art requires wall space.

A tip we love for this idea is to select artworks that are the exact same (or very similar) size and line them up evenly. This gives the whole aesthetic a refined, put-together look. This design approach also works very well in quaint nooks of the home, as in the above photo—it’s like your very own little museum!

Luxury Home Interior Design Ideas – Use Thoughtful Palettes

luxury home paint colors

Photography by Free Creative Stuff

Now, let’s talk about the backdrop for all of those lovely pieces! We know you are excited to play with paint just as some of your favorite artists do. White walls certainly lend a museum-like feel and allow the art to shine. But here is a secret the museums use: The exact shade of white, and the number of coats you use, matter! Remodelista has a detailed (we might argue, comprehensive) article to help you out here: Remodeling 101: How to Choose the Perfect White Paint.

All of that said, if you want to bring some color into the home via your walls, too, we love that! Here’s a tip: Select a wall color with the art you want to showcase in mind, and try to stay away from any hues that are prevalent in any artwork. This way, you’ll get a pop that doesn’t take away from the art itself.

More Than a Television For A Luxury Home Design Plan

samsung the frame tv for art collectors

Photography Courtesy of Frame My TV

Okay, art lovers, the days of the average television are over for you! When we think of luxury home ideas for the art collector, this is one of the most exciting and innovative that pops into our minds. When you aren’t watching your favorite show, the television can seamlessly turn into a work of art. How classy is that?!

Samsung’s The Frame is the game-changing product of which we speak, and it truly was crafted with the art lover in mind. The works you’ll find available for display aren’t only generic (though gorgeous) landscapes made to fill space. No, Samsung has put together “world-class galleries,” as the website says. You’ll actually expand your collection upon purchase! It’s also a smart television, so we think you pretty much get the best of every possibility with this product.

Luxury Homes Need Space for Sculpture

art collector sculptures luxury home ideas

Photography by Cottonbro

Next up, let’s talk about smart use of space. Where others might show off cute tchotchkes or photos, you art collectors should be incorporating something else: sculpture! To make your home feel thoughtfully designed, and not “thrown together,” be sure you disperse your sculptures in various places throughout the home.

In other words, don’t cluster them together! Incorporate them into displays of other things and in multiple different spaces.

Coffee Table Catalog

make your art collector catalog

Photography by Michael Burrows

This isn’t necessarily so much of a design idea, but we adore it nonetheless. Art collectors, you need a personal catalog! Enlist someone who specializes in creating bespoke albums or the like, take inventory of your beloved collection, and create a gorgeous, professional-looking catalog in the form of a coffee table book!

Although, you don’t have to put it on your coffee table, necessarily. If you plan to have a particular gallery space, you could display it on a small table as artists really do at their shows—as luxury home ideas for the art collector go, we think this is such a fun one.

Before we go, we’ve got one more inventive tip: If your home has a guest space, consider including a poster of SCAD and maybe a brochure about the Telfair Museum—creative ways to incorporate your love of art into a “what you can do while you’re here in Savannah” guest room vibe.


If you’re envisioning more than just a refresh of your current interiors … if a new luxury home might be calling your name, explore the spaces your art could shine in at Upper East River, on our available homes page.

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