Luxury Home Ideas for the Fall Season (#1 Is Perfectly Cozy)

While it isn’t officially fall until the equinox on September 22, we are all starting to feel the whisper of crisp, cooler days, and the compelling call of pumpkin spice season has begun to sound! With these hints of the moody, harvest-filled season comes an urge to rework and redecorate the home. After all, who among us doesn’t delight in adding some festivity and cozy vibes to their surroundings during these ambient months? So, brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee—or perhaps mulled cider—and keep reading for luxury home ideas for the fall season!

Luxury Home Design Ideas #1 – Add Some New Textures

cozy textures luxurious

Photography by Tatiana Syrikova

This season is all about coziness and warmth; it calls to mind sitting by the fire, drinking steamy beverages, and gathering with loved ones. And perhaps the most effective way to make a space feel inviting is by adding soft and supple textures.

Purchase a few new pillows for the couch or your bed. Bonus points if they exude vibrant fall hues, like sunflower yellow and burnt orange! Or, add a fluffy throw blanket to your living room seating area. We personally adore the Barefoot Dreams blankets made famous by the Kardashians. They really are incredibly plush to the touch. And as we mentioned in our recent blog post about how to make a home feel luxurious, textures like that are key!

 #2 Bring on the Twinkle

twinkle lights for the fall season decor accessory

Photography by Dzenina Lukac

While it can sometimes look too busy and overwhelming if you aren’t careful, seasonal lighting can also be elegant. And it feels just right for fall! Flickering candles, string lights, and shimmering stars—this time of year lends itself to extra glow.

We love the idea of adding twinkle lights in tasteful places, like along the border of a bookshelf or above a grand archway entrance. If you want to go for a slightly more overt approach, pick up a pumpkin-shaped cloche like this one from Pottery Barn. Then, fill it with tangled twinkle lights. This would make for a great piece of decor on your fireplace mantel, or in the middle of the dining room table!

#3 Give Plaid a Place

fall decor plaid luxury home

Photography Courtesy of Pixabay

You might think your home’s style isn’t suited to a plaid pillow, throw, or table runner, but there is always a way to make it work! Incorporating a plaid touch can be a great way to subtly bring the fall feels into your existing design. Try using a plaid piece in a color that fits with your overall palette for that not-so-obvious addition.

However, if you are going for a big seasonal shift, grab a plaid accent in red and black, or one of many colors in the fall foliage rainbow. Here’s something to think about too: A red-and-black plaid accessory could be used to create holiday vibes come December! For more ideas on how to bring plaid into the palette, we love this HGTV article written by Farima Alavi.

#4 Take a Trip to Your Local Antique Shop

antiques for luxury homes and fall decorating

Photography by Leticia Ribeiro

For whatever reason, old and storied objects often fit the bill when it comes to fall’s moody (and sometimes spooky, depending on your style of decorating) ambience. One way to create that in your home while remaining classy and refined is to use real antiques as your décor pieces.

You could certainly purchase a few antique furnishings if you’re looking to warm up your home in general. They have a way of bringing that to a space, along with a sense of grandeur and authenticity. But if you’re just looking to add small decorations and accessories for the season, this can still work! In fact, many antique shops will put vintage holiday pieces on their floor during the relevant seasons. For those of us in Savannah, there are a plethora of fantastic shops to visit! Victory Antiques & Collectibles, Alex Raskin Antiques, and Picker Joe’s are a few of our favorites.

#5 Expose Your Wood Grains

luxury home ideas wood grain table

Photography by Jason Villanueva

If you have some beautiful wooden pieces in your home, like a stunning live-edge table or a bench that acts as the focal point in your foyer, allow them to shine! Fall makes us think of big, beautiful old-growth trees. So, remove any coverings, runners, or cushions to bring those gorgeous grain patterns to attention!

On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of wood textures in your home already, this can be a great way to accessorize. Create a new gallery wall with tons of wood frames, and feature some seasonal photos (which you can swap out after fall). Or, grab some wooden candlesticks for your mantel or tabletop.

#6 Go for a Lived-In Look

luxury home ideas for the fall season lived-in look boots by door

Photography by Monstera Production

This has been a trending concept in general for a while now. But since fall makes us think of being comfortable and tucked away at home, it seems suited to the stylistic approach more than perhaps any other season.

Pull your favorite outerwear from the coat closet and display it on a wall hook or draped over a chair. Leave a beloved mug resting upon a stack of magazines on the coffee table. Sit a pair of worn garden boots in a semipermanent spot by the back door. Allow your home to be a picture of your daily puttering about. It will lend such a warmth and luxuriously custom feel to the space.

Combine one or two—or maybe all—of these luxury home ideas for the fall season to see your home greet the time with sophistication.


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