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Market Roundup: Savannah Georgia Real Estate

As one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the country, Savannah has long appealed to those who possess a reverence for the past. But they aren’t the only ones moving here. SCAD brings artistic types from various fields and their families. At the same time, a still-burgeoning culinary and cultural scene continues to entice as well.

Alternatively, maybe you’re a nature lover. The lush park squares and proximity to ocean, mountain, and forest might be the draw. If you want a community-centric way of living to raise a family, Savannah could be your home too.

The point is that the Hostess City has a little bit of everything—the best of all worlds, one could say. And if you ask two of our realtors here at Upper East River, Heather Booth and Jan Corley, more and more people are starting to recognize the appeal.

Here are a few of their fascinating takeaways … welcome to Booth and Corley’s market roundup on the state of things in Savannah, Georgia, real estate.

Current Events Are Inspiring New Southeast Settlers

moving to Savannah market roundup

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Among the unanimous agreements between Heather and Jan, one was recurring. Whether for political reasons, lifestyle epiphanies, or career shifts, more people than ever in recent history are flocking to the Southeast.

“Those buyers often end up in Savannah because we are still relatively quaint compared to other places in the region,” Heather says. “That means we’ve got some great value to go around, but our lifestyle here is on par with the other places.” In other words, Savannah is kind of a steal for buyers in this position. And for another reason …

Home Buyers Want Options

Upper East River Savannah

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For many, a historic charmer is the ultimate dream home. But they also don’t want to deal with extensive renovations or ongoing maintenance. “A lot of our clients really love the appeal of the historic area, but not the maintenance of a historic home,” Heather says. “They don’t want the unknowns involved in that, and they see the lifestyle value a newer home provides.”

Enter, Savannah. We already mentioned the historic areas of the city, and they are abundant with gorgeous old homes. But for those who want to be surrounded by that history, without living the reality, this is still the perfect place.

Owing to its culture of celebrating antiquity, Savannah has encouraged a whole generation of architects and builders who strive to fit into the fabric of the town even when building brand-new homes. Our very own Upper East River is a perfect example.

Despite being a neighborhood established from the ground up in the past few years, our homes feature hand-tumbled brick and wrought-iron lanterns. Not to mention the foundation and finishing standards that encompass the best of legacy craftsmanship.

In Upper East River and other communities like it, Savannah offers buyers an opportunity. They can live in old-world charm but with the latest amenities, technology, and updated plumbing, electric, etc.

Sister Cities Are Realtors’ Selling Points

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Savannah itself has such a robust variety of places to see and things to do. But one of its oft-mentioned selling points is its positioning in the wider region. Jan notes that this is increasingly a priority for buyers everywhere. They want exciting options outside their front door and a few hours away. And Savannah is positioned to take advantage of quaint mountain towns, ocean hamlets, and Atlanta alike within a day trip.

Plus, it has the Charleston connection. Just under two hours from the Hostess City, Charleston boasts its own delightful ambience and world-class shopping, whether you’re seeking a designer handbag or a vintage settee. However, as Jan explains, “In Charleston, you can’t really live downtown.” This is because of the way the city is mapped out and because it has been growing in popularity for longer than Savannah has.

So, for a plethora of Savannah buyers, being able to drop in on Charleston while living downtown in Savannah is a huge bonus. And with Savannah’s international airport, one could make the argument that any city—Miami, Los Angeles, Italy, or Tokyo—is a “sister city.”

Lifestyle is What Drives Real Estate Decisions

lifestyle in Savannah georgia real estate

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“A lot of the folks doing research on fluid buyers say that they are making decisions related to lifestyle in an unheard of way,” Heather shares. Jan adds, “I get the question of demographics a lot; clients want opportunities to make friends with like-minded people.”

When you think of buying a house, you probably start by envisioning aesthetic and convenience features you’ve always dreamed about. But nowadays, people are straying from this. Buying a home is less about what it looks like and more about where it is and who else is buying there.

Undeniably, the old realtor’s adage, “location, location, location,” has only grown in relevance.

For Savannahians, this manifests itself in manifold ways. But as of late, a consideration of local boating and golfing, as well as the budding health, beauty, and wellness scene, are central to buyer choices.


If you are contemplating a move here yourself, it might be time to explore what it means to be both Savannahian and Upper East Riverite …

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