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Modern Farmhouse Fare for Your Summer Table

In the summertime, meals and menus often tend to take a farm-to-table turn. Maybe it’s because many of us have more time to devote to our culinary creations, or maybe it has something to do with the plentiful produce the biggest growing season brings. Either way, just as the concept of “modern farmhouse” has become a decor trend, it has come to define a genre of food, too. Modern farmhouse fare celebrates the authenticity of its ingredients and strives to keep the prep and cooking somewhat simple. Here are a few of our favorite picks for your summer table …

Breakfast Casserole with Ingredient Variety

farmers breakfast casserole

Photography courtesy of Modern Farmhouse Eats

Combining lots of wonderful herbs, spices, and whole, healthy foods into a casserole makes for a seriously delicious experience. And it doesn’t have to be for dinner!

Check out this Farmers Breakfast Casserole recipe by Rachel Riesgraf, the lovely farm-raised food blogger behind Modern Farmhouse Eats. This delicious dish includes pork, russet potatoes, and a bounty of other delicious veggies and seasonings, all garnished with fresh parsley.

If you ask us, this is a must for your sunny summer mornings!

Cucumber Gin Cooler for a Farm Fresh Refresher

cucumber cooler cocktail farmhouse fare gin

Photography courtesy of Saveur

What screams summertime more than a crisp, cool, cucumber cocktail? Saveur’s recipe, which features a Hendrick’s base, will have you chilled and ready for more fun in the sun.

And with the gin’s botanical essence, you’re sure to find that this beverage pairs beautifully with any of your flavorful, farm-to-table recipes.

Farm-to-Table Crostini

farmhouse fare crostini

Photography courtesy of Inspired by Charm

The crostini, however you may choose to craft it, is a simple, yet decadent summer favorite. It’s also one of those recipes that seems to end up yummy even when you just throw it together with what’s in the pantry and refrigerator at the moment! (And don’t we all adore a recipe like that?!)

That said, if you do need a bit of inspiration and guidance, we love this article by Michael over at Inspired by Charm! With three different crostini recipes, it’s sure to delight!

Skillet-Roasted Spiced Okra for a Southern Farmhouse Feel

spiced okra farmer's food

Photography by Frances Janisch

We here in the South know the greatness a good okra dish can bring to any table. In the summer, when we’re often using culinary opportunities to celebrate wholesome produce, it is simply a Southern must!

There are so many inventive ways to cook and incorporate this unique and delectable vegetable (or technically fruit, as some would say). But Kevin Gillespie’s recipe, shared by Food & Wine, is irresistible.

Calissons: The French Farmhouse Candy

calissons french farmhouse candies

Photography courtesy of TasteAtlas

This recipe isn’t the easiest, but it certainly isn’t immensely difficult either. A homemade candy, calissons are defined by the combination of almonds with melon and orange flavors. They date back to ancient Greek and Roman times. But they are believed to have been popularized in the French court of King René of Anjou in 1454.

Apparently, they were a royal favorite! But still, something about their light look and flavor lends itself to the elegant simplicity of farmhouse-inspired food.

If you want to give this one a try, we’d recommend following this recipe by The Spruce Eats!



If you decide to whip up any of these mouthwatering dishes—or use the modern farmhouse fare concept as inspiration for a culinary invention all your own—we would love to see it! Share a photo on Instagram and use the hashtag #UpperEastRiverEats

And if this gets you thinking about a new kitchen or a fresh farmer’s market scene, we’d love to chat about all Upper East River has to offer … contact us!

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