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Mythbusters: Let’s Challenge Some Common Beliefs About Living in Savannah

If you’ve been considering a move to Savannah, you’ve probably started to do a little research—Googling, searching hashtags on social media, reading books on the area. But what all of that might not always include is the perspective of a longtime local. We have a few Savannahians on our team, and so we thought we’d endeavor to share some of the biggest misconceptions about living in Savannah and explain why they portray the wrong idea.

Join us as we challenge some common beliefs about living in Savannah!

Southern culture peaches

Photography by Markus Spiske

The culture feels very “Southern.”

Yes and no! Savannah isn’t nicknamed the Hostess City for nothing. We definitely do possess Southern hospitality, and we have a strong culinary scene with plenty of Southern fare. Also, you certainly might run into a few people who call their shopping cart a “buggy.”

But Savannah encompasses many other cultural elements, too. With SCAD being a huge part of our city, we have developed a thriving artistic community. This has, in turn, brought people from all backgrounds and walks of life to our neighborhood, making Savannah a wonderfully diverse and interesting place.

expensive piggy bank spending money

Photography by Cottonbro

It’s expensive.

While we can’t promise what your particular finances will look like once you live here (everyone has their own standards for living, after all), Savannah actually happens to have a cost of living that is 6% below the national average! Not to mention, the property tax rate is 0.928%.

We have plenty of sophisticated homes and experiences—shopping, dining, entertainment and the like—but it all comes at a good value in comparison to similar other places in the U.S.

parking in a city

Photography by Mentatdgt

Parking is a nightmare.

Anytime a downtown, city-type area is involved, this is bound to be at least a little bit true. In Savannah, if you live in the historic district, you might have trouble grabbing a public spot every time you come home. We recommend discussing this in clear terms with your realtor if it’s a deal breaker. The beautiful thing about Savannah is that depending on where you live, a lot is quite walkable. So if your place of residence has good parking, it should prove less of a problem on the daily.

Upper East River has ample parking dedicated to each individual home, and we are within a walkable distance of both Eastern Wharf and downtown … just saying! 🙂

ocean shore

Photography by Ben Mack

Natural landscapes are sparse.

Not so! This is one of our favorite things about Savannah. While it is a bustling and thrilling cityscape, it was also designed to incorporate nature. Thanks to our beautiful historic city squares, we enjoy green space around every corner. And of course, our lush, sweeping Spanish moss trees bring the feeling of the wild to spots throughout Savannah.

When you leave the city proper, even more outdoor splendor is moments away. From the sands and glittering ocean waves of Tybee Island, to the mountains of Blairsville, to the intricate forests and rolling countryside throughout the Peach State, Savannah is nearby a stunning variety of landscapes.


Photography by Alireza Kaviani

It’s always hot.

We get where this idea comes from, being that Savannah is positioned in the Deep South, but actually, we get a strong and enjoyable four seasons around here. Our winters certainly aren’t frigid (from December through February, our daytime average is 60 degrees) and our summers are on the warmer side, but we do get some lovely breezes here and there. There is no doubt that you get a little taste of it all here!


In so many ways, we really do feel that Savannah offers the best of all worlds. You can take advantage of lively nightlife and slowly sip coffee for hours in the morning, explore vibrant antique shops and world-class art galleries alike, bundle up in the winter and break out the popsicles in June, climb a nearby mountain or take a dip in the ocean whenever you please.

Perhaps it’s obvious why we here at Upper East River are passionate about our city. If you have more questions about what it’s like to live here, we would love to chat with you! Get in touch at 912-800-1885.

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