Our Top Tips for a Luxury Home Design Refresh in 2022 (#3 Makes More of a Difference Than You’d Think!)

For some, the new year is a time to reflect and dream. In the minds of others, it is the moment for action—new exercise routines, nutrition plans, and financial habits are in motion! But regardless of how you approach it, the idea of renewal is something we all seem to adhere to in January. And that can certainly apply to home as well. Here are our top tips for a luxury home design refresh in 2022.

Tip #1 Bring the Paint Roller Back into Your Luxury Home

painting your luxury home

We are not the first to give this advice and we won’t be the last, but it is so timelessly true: Paint is the ultimate quick update with major impact. The beauty of this edit is that by selecting the perfect hue, you can change the entire feel of a space. But, you don’t have to do anything else! If you have a super traditional room and you want it to feel a touch more transitional/modern, consider a crisper white on the walls. If you want to make your study more traditional, scholarly, and serious in vibe, go for a deep shade, like a navy or jewel-toned emerald.

On the other hand, if you are just in the mood for a different color but not sure what your design goal is, we would like to vote for Pantone’s Color of the Year! It’s always exciting to incorporate something trendy and timely, and we think the pick for 2022, Very Peri, has the potential to be a lasting favorite. If it isn’t your jam, browsing the institution’s previous Color of the Year selections is a great way to find standout color ideas.

Tip #2 Swap Out Some Artwork in your Interior Design

artwork in your luxury home design

This is easy when you’re one of us Savannahians, with SCAD right around the corner and shopSCAD inviting one to peruse and purchase the work of talented students and up-and-comers.

Switching one art piece for another makes for the perfect refresh in your luxury home. It requires minimal effort, is easy to incorporate into an existing design, and packs a punch! Art has a way of bringing so much life and aesthetic influence into a room; it is the perfect little update.

Tip #3 Play with Feng Shui in Your Home Interior

choosing a floor plan and doing feng shui

You could take this literally or adopt the general concept of moving furniture around. Either way, shifting what you already have in place will change the way a space feels and functions more than you think!

If you do want to attempt the Chinese practice, which centers around the interaction of humans and their environments, The Spruce has an article sharing basic principles! You could also hire a Feng Shui expert!

Tip #4 Get Green with Your Luxury Home Design Plans

greenery houseplants plants in luxury home

The next way we think you should give your luxury home design an update is through plants! We know this has become something of a hipster trend as of late, but really, houseplants are a timeless classic (the young folks are just catching on! 😉 ).

If you really want to make a luxurious statement with your plant, check out this Soltech Solutions article: The 10 Most Expensive House Plants Money Can Buy. But of course, be sure you research the care requirements too! (Or, get yourself a faux version!)

Tip #5 Rework the Layout of Shelves

bookshelves organization in luxury home design

This one might seem overly simple, but you would be surprised what a new “shelfscape” can do to freshen an environment!

Whether you want to add new bits and bobs or just rearrange what is there, it can breathe new life and visual interest into your room. Consider also switching up displayed pieces from room to room. Bring some books from the library to the living room, and intersperse some framed photos and family mementos in between books in the library!

If you need inspiration, we love this article from One Kings Lane: Restyle Your Bookshelves


If this post has got you thinking that you might want more than a refresh, consider a whole new home! We would love to hear about your design desires.

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