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Something About Savannah: What Makes the Hostess City So Magnetic?

For centuries, Savannah has been revered for many reasons. To some, the thoughtfully planned city squares epitomize small-town charm. Others dream of the exquisite Spanish moss trees or find the old stories (some of them ghostly tales) captivating. As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, it boasts a rich history and reputation as the heart of the South. It is also one of the most visited locales in the region, and its modern arts scene and architecture keep tourists returning year after year. Thus, the question, “What is it about Savannah?” undeniably has a few answers. As our very own Heather Booth recently put it, “I think the lifestyle of Savannah is even hard to put in words.” That said, we’re going to try! Let’s talk about what makes our beloved city so magnetic …

The History

Mercer Williams House

It is difficult to talk about a place like Savannah without immediately touching on its background. From being an early port city to founder James Oglethorpe’s fascinating square-based design, Savannah is bursting with unique historical facts. In fact, this is many a visitor’s favorite thing about Savannah.

Here are a few of our go-to fun facts:

  • Savannah is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States.
  • The Georgia Historical Society, which is based in Savannah on Whittaker Street, is the oldest in the South.
  • Telfair Museums (which is a must-visit, by the way) was the first public art museum in the South. Thank you, Mary Telfair!
  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was predominantly filmed at the famous Mercer Williams House.
  • The Pirate’s House, which is rumored to be a hot spot for ghost activity and now serves a delectable menu, was first established in 1753 … that is a long time ago.

The Nature, Location, and Gardens

Davenport House

Another core part of Savannah’s appeal is its ideal positioning between all of nature’s best. Choose your direction, and you can be on the beach, hiking mountains, or exploring lush forests—all within an hour. It truly offers the explorer and family vacation party alike an immense variety of options for activities.

But even here at home, the lover of all things outdoors experiences endless delight. The Spanish moss trees are one of the first things that come to mind when one thinks about Savannah nature. However, they aren’t the only beautiful benefit to living or visiting here. The Hostess City is abundant with historic private gardens to explore. The hourglass-shaped design of Andrew Low House Museum’s grounds is breathtaking. But that is far from the only estate to explore. The many verdant, winding trails discovered on the NOGS Tour of Hidden Gardens will fully captivate. For a secret garden lover, Savannah is a mecca!

The Architecture

Upper East River - River Homes

Now this is a note about Savannah that our team is personally obsessed with! When you walk around Upper East River, you’ll take in a diverse and beautiful splay of architectural marvels. River Homes showcases the vernacular traditions of old carriage houses. The Mayors brings midcentury glamor to one’s daily routine. Every one of our home styles exudes a character unique unto itself—and feels suited to the fabric of Savannah.

Owing to its dynamic and long-growing history, Savannah is home to a varied architectural landscape. From Federal and Georgian estates to Gothic Revival masterpieces and Italianate creations, the structures throughout the city seem built to impress.

The Arts

We mentioned the famous Telfair Museums, but Savannah’s artistic scene is so much more than that one (albeit fantastic) institution. From the students of SCAD bringing constant exploration of many mediums to the forefront, to world-class galleries and funky shops, Savannah is bursting with creative energy.

To further explore the artsy side of the Hostess City, check out Visit Savannah’s Arts & Culture page! It is super informative.

The Food and Shopping

Plant Riverside Marriott Dining

One thing about Savannah that aligns perfectly with the rest of the South: we love our boutiques and good eats! River Street, City Market, Broughton Street—there are quite a few premier shopping and culinary districts in the Hostess City!

A few of our top picks include E. Shaver Booksellers, Savannah Bee Company, and River Street Sweets. For a delectable bite to eat, you can’t go wrong with The Olde Pink House, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, and the establishments of Plant Riverside.

We hope this roundup has been an enjoyable read for you! What makes Savannah so magnetic? Honestly, everything about it! The Hostess City offers something delightful for anyone and everyone. If you’re thinking of calling it home, give us a call.

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