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Savannah’s best ice cream

Savannah’s Best Ice Cream and Frozen Treats

Summer in Savannah is a magical time. The sun shines brightly over our historic streets, the river sparkles, and there is a sense of joy in the air as both locals and visitors take advantage of the warm weather. Of course, that warmth can sometimes turn into a heat we

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Upper East River Homes

Invest Smart: The Hidden Value of Upper East River

When considering investment opportunities, real estate remains a top choice for savvy investors. The key is finding a property that offers both a luxurious living experience and the potential for substantial rental income. Upper East River presents the accommodations and amenities to capitalize on both fronts. With our elegantly appointed

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Picnic in Savannah GA

Hostess City Summer: 7 Entertaining Ideas

Summer in Savannah, also known as the Hostess City, is an invitation to explore, entertain, and enjoy all the charms this historic city has to offer. Whether you’re hosting out-of-town guests or simply looking to make the most out of your own backyard, Upper East River provides the perfect backdrop

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Savannah Over River

Trend Report: Savannah’s Economy in 2024

It’s always interesting to observe economic trends, and this is especially true when it comes to hyper-local economies. In the case of Savannah, a path of economic growth and innovation has been weaving its way through our communities for some years. In 2024, this exciting evolution will only continue, with

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Savannah’s Educational Opportunities

A Guide to Savannah’s Educational Opportunities

There are so many facets of Savannah to explore and enjoy, and its premier educational opportunities are one of those! When people come to tour our homes, we often hear that they’re looking at Upper East River because of its proximity to SCAD. Many times, they are semi-empty nesters seeking

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Home Automation in 2024: Smart, Secure, Seamless

Home Automation in 2024: Smart, Secure, Seamless

As we journey further into the digital era, the evolution of home automation, smart home technologies, and home security systems continues to redefine our living spaces. Innovations in these fields promise enhanced convenience and efficiency. They also prioritize environmental sustainability and personal security. In today’s blog post, we’re delving into

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7 Tips for a Dreamy Outdoor Living Environment

Spring has sprung, and that means the season of outdoor living is upon us once more! Of course, in a place with as temperate a climate as Savannah, we can usually enjoy time outdoors year-round—perhaps with a heater in tow. But now that warmer months are returning, it is undeniably

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Upper East River
Neighborhood Guide

Download this 18-page guide and get the inside story on downtown Savannah’s newest – and last – riverside neighborhood.

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Guide to Upper East River in Savannah, GA

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