Techniques Modern Custom Home Builders Use to Create Luxury

When you step inside a luxury home, it can be difficult to pinpoint what makes it feel so elegant. Sometimes it’s the high-end finishes and designer accessories. But even then, the very bones of the home seem to contribute to the feeling that it’s a particularly elevated one. So, what is really behind it all? Well, that’s a question for the builders. There are techniques modern custom home builders use to create luxury, and today, we’re going to talk about them!

#1 Custom Home Plans That Function Are Key

One of the elements of a home that makes it feel luxurious is a lack of frustration. Everything has a place and features are made to make life more convenient. That includes the floor plan! In a modern custom home, the layout is designed to make everything from playing with the dog to walking around on a conference call to entertaining friends for dinner feel intuitive and inspiring, easy and fluid.

#2 The Modern Custom Home Has High-Quality Flooring


Your guests might not immediately register it if they are wearing shoes. But a marker of a luxurious modern custom home is definitely the flooring. Think of a wood floor that feels sturdy and smooth underfoot. It makes the whole experience of the space more enjoyable.

#3 Aesthetics Are Informed by History

patio of townhome

Whether a midcentury modern marvel or the spitting image of an aristocratic manse (like our River Homes), luxury homes are often informed carefully by a stylistic vernacular. They aren’t cobbled together (pun intended) with a bunch of disparate pieces. High-end residences exude a consistent essence, even if it might be a new take on an old look.

#4 Natural Light Abounds

Having sunlight trickle into an environment makes it feel more open and welcoming. Many of the world’s most beautiful homes have large, sometimes floor-to-ceiling and often bifolding windows and doors. They are designed to invite the natural light in, because it results in rooms that exude grace and tranquility.

#5 Flex Space is the Norm

In the pursuit of the modern custom home, builders take into account the modern-day lifestyle. When we crafted our River Homes, we designed the carriage houses to have extra space that could be an in-law suite, a creative studio, a home gym, an office—any number of things. You’ll notice that most luxury homes have rooms like this. This is especially true if they are custom or semicustom. After all, when creating your dream home, why would you plan for a desk shoved into a corner?

Builders know that the modern custom home is all about the experience of enjoying it. From a layout that flows and flex spaces that help one embrace the fullness of life, its construction should be designed to delight. Explore how we’ve done just that here at Upper East River: our floor plans.

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