The Materials That Set Luxury Home Construction Apart (#2 Is Key)

When it comes to crafting a home that feels luxurious, there are many factors. Interior design certainly plays its role, as does the quality of textiles, technology, and more. But before any of that, there is the foundation. Today, we’re going to talk about the materials that set luxury home construction apart.

#1 Luxury Home Builders Use Handcrafted Brick and Stone Facades

brick and stone for luxury home construction

There is just something hearty, permanent, and sound about brick and stone. While there are high-end versions of every type of siding and façade, brick and stone inarguably exude a sense of classical elegance.

Another technique of luxury home construction is to follow the ways of old. Modern innovations have brought us many impressive and effective approaches to building. Still, they have not yet managed to replace the look and feel of something crafted by artisans. Take hand-tumbled brick, for example. We use this for our homes here at Upper East River, and it produces a level of quality that is obvious and distinctive.

#2 High-End Light, Plumbing Fixtures, and Hardware Are All a Part of Luxury Home Design

high-end lighting plumbing hardware luxury

To many of us, wall sconces, faucets, and door handles are all about function. But carefully selecting these pieces from luxury brands and to perfectly adhere to your aesthetic (rather than mismatching finishes, etc.) will take your spaces to the next level.

This is one of those design techniques that contributes to that sense of sophistication one can’t always put a finger on. Your guests might not be able to articulate why (unless they too are design-savvy), but they’ll feel that your home is just put together; magazine-worthy; oh so chic! If you only have the time or money to zero in on one of these elements, we recommend focusing on door knobs. Since you and your guests will be touching these repeatedly, it is more important that they feel high-end.

If you’re looking for a place to start, we’d recommend Circa Lighting. Most of our fixtures here at Upper East River were crafted by the brand, and its luxury possibilities abound.

#3 Wood Flooring For Luxury Homes

wood flooring for luxury home

Of course, in the bathroom and possibly the kitchen, a stunning stone or tile floor will serve you well. But in every other space (and sometimes the kitchen, as is now a trend), we advise wood flooring! Although it can be expensive, real wood flooring is worth its weight in gold. It sets the tone for an entire space—and entire house!

Maybe it’s the sense of timelessness it has held pretty much forever, or maybe it’s how solid and smooth it feels underfoot, but wood flooring has been synonymous with luxury for a long while. And that isn’t going to change, if you ask us!

For those who might be worried about the functionality of wood flooring in a home with children and/or pets, consider the rug. There are so many stunning rug options nowadays (we particularly love the options from Loloi, which are luxurious through and through), and the best part: You can change them out much more easily than redoing your floors!

#4 Wrought-Iron Everything

luxury home construction features wrought iron

Circling back to the idea of consulting historic precedence for luxury home construction, let’s talk about wrought iron! Whether for a gate outside your property, a window frame, or a lantern-style sconce by the front door, wrought-iron features give an impression of strong foundations and old-school principles.

Another concept that goes hand in hand with this is black finishes. Pairing well with the aforementioned stone and brick, black, thin-lined windows and doors lend a more modern feel. In this way, you can accomplish both historically informed timelessness and of-the-moment appeal.

After all, that combination—old meets new—tends to exude a sense of luxury home construction.


We hope you’ve found this list informative, useful, and enjoyable to explore!

If you’d like to see how these materials contribute to a sense of luxury in the home, you can find some great examples at Upper East River! 😉

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