The Secrets That Best Quality Home Builders Know

Purchasing a home that is in the process of being built can be a delightful thing. In many cases, it invites you to customize and personalize with having to undergo renovations. But of course, as with any approach to making a house a home, it can have its challenges. And while a great team will help you navigate those, it always helps to be aware yourself. That’s why today, we’re sharing the secrets that best quality home builders know. So you’ll know them too!

Delays Are an Expected Part of the Home Building Process


We know, we know … this kind of stinks! But it is just a true part of the concept of new home building. You need to be able to accept that the timeline you’re envisioning is only a starting point. Why? Because even the best quality home builders can’t predict every single material and product turnaround, issues with the grading of the site, plumbing and electrical snags, etc.

There are just so many variables that go into building a beautiful home (especially a luxury one). Our advice? Embrace the process, enjoy the parts that excite you, and have patience when your completion date gets pushed!

Craftsmanship Is the Key to a Luxury Home

luxury home secret is craftsmanship

When many of us think about a home that feels high-end, our minds focus on the products. We imagine best-in-class appliances, smart technology features, and gorgeous hardware. But one secret that best quality home builders know is that a luxury home feels luxury as a result of its construction.

That’s right—it isn’t about the cool stuff (although you can certainly have that too). It’s about the quality of the millwork, the careful application of top-of-the-line plaster, the countertops and flooring you select and how well they’re installed. Here is a mantra to remember: The finishes mean more than the features!

A Complete Team at the Start is Ideal When Building a House

best quality home builders at work

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If you’re initiating this new build on your own piece of land, rather than buying a package from a developer, this is a key point to keep in mind. The most gorgeous and smoothly crafted homes are created by teams that were formed before blueprints were drawn and ground was broken. This is a principle best quality home builders often emphasize.

If you hire an architect and have them make complete plans before you bring a builder into the fold, you might end up with lofty ideas that the engineers at your building firm have to nix because of site characteristics. On the other hand, if you hire a home builder without looping an architect in, you might get a home that is nice, but void of the more creative personal touches an architect can help you dream up. Not to mention, bringing a landscape architect and interior designer into the process early on can be smart, too! It’s all about the teamwork!


As experts in their trade with ample experience bringing stunning new residences to life, the best quality home builders have an inside knowledge that informs their approach to each project. We hope that this glimpse into their best-kept secrets helps you in your new build journey as a homeowner!

If you want to explore the features side of things, consider this Forbes article: 7 Features Luxury Home Buyers Shouldn’t Ignore When Building Custom Homes

And if you’d like to get acquainted with the best quality home builders on our team here at Upper East River, visit our Development Team page!

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