What Defines a Resort-Style Neighborhood (#2 Is Key)

In the past decade or so, the phrase “resort-style neighborhood” has become something of a buzz word. Everyone likes the sound of it, many buyers are on the lookout for it, and real estate experts probably find themselves saying or writing it more than a handful of times a week. But what defines a resort-style neighborhood, truly? We’re exploring the answers to that question today!

#1 A Resort-Style Neighborhood Feels Cohesive

One immediate indication that a neighborhood will have that resort feel? Whether or not the houses seem as if they were designed and planned to look nice together. In a resort-style neighborhood, you won’t find a bunch of architectural styles halfhazardly thrown together as if they’d been built randomly here and there over decades. Instead, they are likely to stick to an architectural style or, in some cases, differ slightly but maintain certain details.

In addition, the landscaping and hardscaping will probably be beautiful and designed to welcome relaxing time playing and exercising in the area.

#2 The Amenities Abound

Another hallmark of a resort-style neighborhood is the suite of amenities. Just as you have ample diversions and fun experiences when you are at a resort on vacation, you’ll noticed a roster of things to do and services. These might range from a clubhouse with a sparkling pool to a bartender on-staff there every evening (like at our soon-to-be-completed Geo. Meyer House).

Sometimes, a resort-style neighborhood will also consider shops and restaurants within the community to be a part of the amenities. Take the wider district Upper East River is nestled in, for example. Eastern Wharf has tons of boutiques, eateries, and even office spaces.

#3 Location is Often a Factor in Defining a Resort-Style Neighborhood

While this isn’t always true, a resort-style neighborhood will often be situated in a desirable area of town. It might be next to a lake or park, or tucked into the heart of a bustling downtown district—or both!

This is a must when it comes to finding the community that is going to make you feel like you “live the vacation.” There is just something about being able to walk out the door and straight to your dinner plans or a gorgeous view. It makes things feel effortless.

#4 Investment Properties Are Par for the Course


For the same reasons that living there is so enjoyable, a resort-style neighborhood makes for a great investment property. This brings three positive factors into your life if you own a home there.

First, you yourself have the opportunity to make passive income by renting the home when you aren’t in residence. Second, even if you plan to live there year-round, the investment potential will result in home values that appreciate at higher levels over time than places without much investment potential. Third, renters means new people, which can bring excitement and fun into your social scene.


And really, that idea—excitement and fun—is at the heart of what defines a resort-style neighborhood. While many incorporate luxuriously appointed homes, they also make their mark by being a destination for all things lifestyle and enjoyment outside of the home.

Here at Upper East River, our Boater’s Concierge Program and Geo. Meyer House amenity center are two of the major ways we create the “live the vacation” life for our residents. Learn more about them:

Boater’s Concierge Program

Geo. Meyer House

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