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What to Look for in an Amenity Center

One of the biggest advantages of life in a community of homes is the ability to enjoy luxuries that would require a lot of energy and expense to maintain on your own.

However, not all amenity centers are created equal.

Before you commit to any shared living community, make sure you understand the true value that its amenity center will provide for your lifestyle.

Here are a few of the features that residents can enjoy in the best amenity centers, and what to look for when you visit.

A Pool

Most upscale residential buildings have pools these days, but whether or not you get the maximum value out of the one in your building will depend on what the pool looks like, how it’s managed, and where it’s located within your building.

Ideally, your community will have both indoor and outdoor pools so you can have swimming options throughout the entire year, regardless of the weather.

The pools in newer buildings will have more attractive, elaborate designs that make for better views and invite residents to lounge nearby and use the pool for more than just fitness.

Tour the pool area before you invest in a property and check out the locker rooms. Trust your gut: The area should be clean and the staff friendly. You should feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you walk in.

Residential amenity center

A Fitness Center

A fitness center is another standard amenity that upscale communities should invest in for their residents.

Tour the fitness center and look for a variety of modern equipment options and see if any residents are waiting for equipment during busy times. You should also check to see if there are any group classes or other community fitness activities on the schedule to get a sense of how the community uses the space.

You should be able to learn when the facility is available (which hours and days) and how you can get access to it.

Finally, cleanliness is especially important as we continue to deal with the pandemic — especially in smaller, indoor spaces such as this. The best amenity centers will provide plenty of opportunities for residents to sanitize their hands and the equipment.

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Refreshment Options

The best amenity centers also make it easy and pleasant for residents to grab a healthy bite to eat or enjoy a morning coffee with their friends and neighbors.

Upscale amenity centers may include a cafe, a smoothie bar, or even a bar for adults. Families may enjoy snacks and drinks on their pool days, too.

The best dining options accept a variety of payment methods and provide special perks for residents.

Residential amenity center

Walking Paths

None of these features will be as useful or pleasant if they aren’t easy to access. Look for accessible, well-maintained paths to and from the amenity center that are safe from vehicle traffic and visually interesting, making good use of landscape design.

It’s even better if residents have more walking options than simply walking back and forth from the amenity center itself.

Walking is a great way to get some low-impact exercise, clear your head, and casually check in with neighbors. A designated walking path or simply a network of interesting outdoor pedestrian connections can be a huge lifestyle perk.

Shared Spaces for Socializing

Most people don’t want to invest in as much home space as is required to comfortably host a big party or celebration. After all, you won’t need that space for most of the year, especially if you’re single, or empty-nesters, or if you love to travel and don’t spend the whole year at home.

That’s where shared party spaces are so helpful.

Tour all of the shared areas in the amenity center and ask yourself whether you’d feel comfortable hosting your friends and family for an event there. Remember to ask about how the rental process works and what the availability is usually like for the space.

Many modern amenity centers don’t have the party rooms as sealed off banquet halls, either. In fact, these shared areas can work as areas for residents to socialize casually throughout the year, even when the area isn’t being rented out.

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Beautiful Views

There’s a good reason that a home’s location figures in so prominently in people’s choice of where they want to live. It’s hard to beat being greeted by a beautiful view each morning as you take the first look out of your windows, whether that’s a lovely scene of the woods or a garden, or even a view of a cityscape or a body of water.

The best community amenity centers also take advantage of your location’s great scenery with features like rooftop bars and gathering spaces, fitness centers that overlook a beautiful pool or botanical scene.

Beautiful views can elevate average amenities and impress all your visitors.

Concierge Services

Some of the best features aren’t physical ones, but are the ones provided by the staff working out of the amenity center within your community.

Depending on how many people live in your community and what your community’s priorities are, your community staff could offer a wide variety of helpful services to residents, either for a fee or included in the price of your residence.

These services may include things like:

  • Accepting packages safely and delivering them to your doorstep
  • Dog walking or pet care
  • Dry cleaning pickup and delivery
  • Meal delivery and shopping services
  • Making local recommendations for things like dining, shopping or other services (sometimes even if we live in a city we’re not always in touch with the best new spots to visit)
  • Procuring benefits for the group such as discounts or exclusive tickets or experiences


A Unique Community With Top Luxury Amenities

If you’re looking for a new home in a community with all of these luxury amenities, you need to explore the neighborhood of Upper East River in Savannah, Georgia.

Upper East River is located in the new live-work-play community of Eastern Wharf on one of the last remaining riverfront properties in Savannah.

All residents will be able to take advantage of the Geo. Meyer House, a resort-style amenity center with beautiful indoor and outdoor pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and plenty of space for residents to socialize. The Geo. Meyer House will offer all Upper East River residents their favorite cappuccino in the morning and cocktails every evening. The full services of the Geo. Meyer House will be available at no additional expense to residents.

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Another unique service that will be available to Upper East River residents is our concierge boating service. A concierge can retrieve your boat from the nearby marina and bring it right to you at Upper East River’s dock, or provide you with a boat and a captain for whatever excursions your heart desires. (Click here to learn more about our concierge boating service.)

Plus, it’s easy to walk beyond the neighborhood of Upper East River into a vibrant live-work-play community with curated boutiques, greenspace, modern offices, a boutique hotel, and more.

To learn more about the residential opportunities at Eastern Wharf and about the neighborhood, check out our full web site at Upper East River.

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