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Why You Should Spend Thanksgiving in Savannah

Whether because you have a large family spread across varying locales or because your clan is small enough to make holidays into a travel opportunity, Thanksgiving can present a conundrum for many: where to go?

Well, if you ask us, you should spend Thanksgiving in Savannah. Here’s why we think so …

beautiful fall day

Photography by Irina Iriser

The Weather Is Perfect

Most of us want a little chill in the air on Thanksgiving. A tropical climate just doesn’t fit the cozy fall ambience quite right, but no one is really looking forward to freezing cold temps, either.

The answer? Savannah!

Breezy days with sunshine but temperatures in the 70s are common during this time of the year. You don’t have to wear a coat, but it’s certainly not sweltering. And of course, the foliage is full of gorgeous fire. It’s the ideal environment for Turkey Day walks or pickup football games.

And that brings us to our next point.

family playing outside on Thanksgiving

Photography Gustavo Fring

There Are Endless Diversions

Go for a hike, explore a nature preserve, take a historical tour, ride bikes or walk along some of the most gorgeous paths this side of the Atlantic, picnic in a square, play football on the beach—we could go on for paragraphs!

Savannah is home to a vibrant culture of entertainment and activities in pretty much any category one can dream up. Since Thanksgiving is usually a weekend-long event, having such a range of opportunities nearby is a huge bonus for your gathering spot.

chefs making Thanksgiving treats

Photography Pietro Jeng

You Don’t Have to Cook

We know that many cherish the act of creating their own homemade display of abundance, but for those who don’t, or aren’t able to, there might be no better place to be than Savannah.

Known throughout the world for its culinary scene, the city has no shortage of Michelin-worthy eateries. And many of them offer full Thanksgiving feasts! A quick search will bring you a long list of places with both takeout and eat-in Turkey Day packages, so you can have your pick of renowned chefs making your meal.

women shopping

Photography by Gustavo Fring

Our Shopping Can’t Be Beat 

It has long been a tradition to jump into holiday shopping—for décor and gifts alike—the day after Thanksgiving. While this is likely to look a little different this year, Savannah’s rows of boutiques and local purveyors are a treasure trove of embellishments and presents galore. Some people even make the trip specifically to patron the shops of River Street before Christmas.

A few of our top recommendations for cheer-filled shopping bags are River Street Sweets, The Cottage Shop, and of course, The Christmas Shop, which is not to be missed.


There you have it—our case is made for Thanksgiving in Savannah!

We hope you’ll allow the Hostess City to welcome you this holiday season, and if you find yourself in the mood to see a piece of new history (and maybe even purchase some), stop by for a visit at Upper East River! 

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